Valvoline SynPower™ MST C3 Motor Oil SAE 5W-30


Specification ACEA C2/C3 API: SN/CF
Approvals BMW LL-04 MB-Approval 229.51 Porsche C30 VW 50400/50700* * can be used where VW 50101, 50200, 50301, 50500, 50300, 50600, 50601 are specified. VW TL 52195 recommended for use where Fiat 9.55535 S3 is specified (Fiat petrol engines only)
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Formulated for Euro 4 and 5 diesel engines equipped with DPF technology (diesel particulate filter), and/or TWC (three way catalyst). Suitable for CDI engines with EGR and DPF system, and long-drain intervals up to 30.000 kilometers running on E85 diesel fuel. Suitable for cars with environmental friendly exhaust systems, like EGR and TWC, DPF. Can be used in modern GM, MB and BMW gasoline and diesel engines. Except GM Duramax diesel engines that require API CJ-4 motor oil.

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