Divinol Zentral-Hydraulik fluid LHM Plus


Specification ISO 7308; DIN 51524-2
Approvals VW G 004 000, MB 343.0, Pentosin CHF202, Opel 1940 766, SAAB 93160548, Citroen 9979 A1, Land Rover Cold Climate PAS Fluid 14315 LRN2261, VOLVO 30741424; Iveco 18-1823; Massey Ferguson; NH 610A; SDFG OF1611S
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Suitable for central hydraulic systems (convertible top, steering, stability and traction systems), hydrostatic drives, level control, hydropneumatic suspension as well as power steering and damping. Divinol Zentralhydraulikfluid LHM Plus is also suitable for refilling. Please see manufacturer’s instructions.

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