Eurol Powersteering fluid C


Approvals Porsche 000 043 206 56,DIN 51524/3 (HVLP),VW TL 52 146 (G002 000/G004 000),Volvo 30741424,ISO 7308,Hyundai 00232-19017,GM/Opel B 040 2012,Recommended for use,Ford WSS-M2C204-A/A1,GM/Opel 19 40 715/766,Porsche,Volvo 1161529/30741424,ZF TE-ML 02K,MB 345.0,MAN M 3289
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Power steering Fluid type C is a fully synthetic hydraulic fluid, especially developed for hydraulic systems like levelling systems and power steering systems in tractors, passenger cars and commercial vehicles. Due to the high viscosity index and a very low pour point, the viscosity will hardly change under varying temperatures. Because of the high boiling point and the water resistance, the product can be applied for a long lasting and safe use when this type of fluid is prescribed.

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