Eurol CVT 1304


Approvals BMW 83 22 0 136 37,BMW 83 22 0 429 154,Chrysler CVTF+4,CVT EZL 799 A,DAIHATSU AMIX CVT FLUID DC,Daihatsu CVTF DFE,Daihatsu/Suzuki TC,DEX-CVT,Dia Queen CVTF J1,Dia Queen CVTF J4,Elf Matic CVT,EZL-799,Ford CVT23,Honda HCF-2,Honda HMMF,MB 236.20,Mopar CVTF+4,Nissan NS-3,Nissan NS-2,Nissan NS-1,Subaru Lineartronic CVTF,Suzuki CVT Green 1,Suzuki CVTF Green 2,Suzuki NS-2,Toyota CVT FE,Toyota CVT TC,VW G 052 180,VW G 052 516,Ford WSS-M2C928-A
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A fully synthetic transmission oil for the lubrication of modern Continuously Variable Transmissions. It can be applied in all metal-belt CVT’s, which are mentioned under Performance Level as it offers optimal protection of the transmission under every condition and prevents wear at the metal-metal contact points on the belts and pulleys. The oil is formulated to prevent air entry and foam building in order to guarantee optimum lubrication and a durable quality, even under ongoing pressure.

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